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Timeline for Milestones
March 2007
12 - decided to build project web page
13 - obtain contour map
14 - obtain Plat Book showing land ownership
15 - obtain power utilities and power lines data
16 - obtain FAA rules and regulations
17 - obtain wind rose data
20 - decide  potential site
April 2007
01 - decide on number and rated power of turbines
07 - decide on type of turbine and manufacturer
10 - draw site plan showing access roads and electrical cabling
15 - perform environmental analysis
17 - decide on project financing
May 2007
04 - Finalize project
05 - Write technical report
06 - Choose location for presenting project outcome and inform interested audience
07 - Make group presentation of project highlights


This Week
  1. Brain storm project idea
  2. Learn how to use Front Page for web page editing


Next Week
  1. Finish structure of project web page
  2. Add content to project web page

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