NE390L (NE359) / CSE 317
Fuzzy Logic and Its Applications

Homework Policy:
Homeworks are to be turned in at the beginning of the class period, one week from the day they were assigned.
Late homeworks will be assigned only a partial grade. Please try to submit them on time since once the homeworks
are graded and returned to the class, late homeworks cannot be accepted any more.
Although you are encouraged to consult with each other if you are having difficulties, you are kindly expected to submit work that shows your individual effort.  You cannot submit a copy of another person's work as your own.

No Date Description
1  1/21/98 Write a summary of the article: Ray Valdes,"What is BioComputing?,"  Dr. Dobb's Journal, April 1991. Identify the position of Fuzzy Logic  as a new paradigm within  BioComputing.
2  1/23/98 Write a summary of the article: Sheldon Teitelbaum, "Fuzzy Logic," Breakthrough, October 1990. Discuss the pro and cons of the new field of Fuzzy Logic.
3 1/26/98 Consider a fuzzy system that would simulate the braking action that a biker would do at the approach of a stop sign. If we have two fuzzy variables for the braking action: 1) distance from braking sign, 2) speed of bike as it approaches the stop sign, identify the fuzzy subsets for these two variables, then construct the appropriate action matrix in the form of a spreadsheet with the following fuzzy actions: Squeeze hard, Medium squeeze, Light squeeze, No squeeze. Notice that because of the complexity and nonlinearity of the process a logical approach to its description is achievable.
4 2/2/98 For the fuzzy logic simulation of the braking action as a biker approaches a stop sign, use the action matrix to deduce the corresponding production rules in the form of a knowledge base.
5  2/9/98 After reviewing the mmaterials on the industrial, medical, control and economic applications of Fuzzy systems, identify a particular problem that you would like to engineer a fuzzy solution for.
6  2/11/98 Use a fuzzy engineering system composed of three rules such as the operation of a heater as a function of temperature to construct a three dimensional depiction of the inference process used by the second inference algorithm initially reported by Koczy and Hirota, discussed in the class. Use as guide for your work the three dimensional analog for the two-rule system discussed in the class.
7 2/18/98 Identify a variable that can be described both by a probability density function and a membership function.
8 2/23/98 Use Venn diagrams to prove the DeMorgan axiom (L10) of a Boolean Algebra.